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New Flavor Alert: Lightly Sweetened Raspberry

I created Mori Leaf to introduce people to the benefits of one of the healthiest and most remarkable plants in the world—Moringa! After my dad received a cancer diagnosis in 2018, I researched plant-based foods with high nutritional value and anti-inflammatory properties, and discovered the “miracle plant”. I urged my father to take Moringa powder to help nourish his body during treatment,
and soon my entire family was consuming my home-made Moringa tea regularly.

In 2019, I decided to share this amazing beverage with the rest of the world by creating the first bottled Moringa tea. Today, Mori Leaf has 6 flavors of bottled iced tea and 7 unique blends of Moringa tea bags. We organically source our Moringa leaves from their ancient origin in India, and package our tea in California. Our tea is certified USDA
Organic, Non-GMO, caffeine-free, and packed with antioxidants.

I hope you’ll enjoy Mori Leaf, and make it a refreshing and delicious part of your day.

And remember—expect Mori from your tea!

Julie Lee, founder of Mori Leaf

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